NYMPHS, MAENADS, BACCHANTS. Female voices and rhythms in the Mediterranean.

NYMPHS, MAENADS, BACCHANTS. Female voices and rhythms in the Mediterranean.
A workshop between rhythm, dance and anthropology of the sacred, reserved for artists and researchers in training.
An immersive path of study and development of techniques for voice, dance, and patterns of Mediterranean rhythms on the frame drum, working on increasing the skills that are the basis of a 'Greek choir': harmonization of voices, rhythmic combinations of sound and movement, dynamics of interaction between the participants and between soloist and choir. A mix of sound, physical and expressive experiences that will lead to a polyrhythmic whole between voices, movement and percussion.
The workshop will focus on the traditions and rites linked to the summer solstice, waters and herbs, and on the figure of the guardians of the thresholds.
The meeting will be introduced by telling the story of the first tambourine players and mourners - the first shaman-percussionist documented in the history of the ancient Mediterranean - who lives on the threshold of the Underworld and guards the entrance: like Kore-Persephone and the nymph/source Cyane, or the Sibyl and her Lilibetan cave: teachers of wisdom for human midwives and mourners, figures who preside over rites of passage such as birth, entry into adulthood, pregnancy and childbirth, death.
While the intensive workshop (20-23 June) will be a practical immersive path (choreutic, drum technique, breathing and vocalization techniques, choral dynamics), the introductory seminar (19 June) serves to historically and anthropologically frame the thousand-year history of this female ritual practice, and its transformations and 'survivals' in the traditional world, also through guided tours in specific places of the city.
In the WORKSHOP we will work:
- on physical perception and the use of movement as a producer of rhythmic sound, and on the body as a means of connection and communication;
- on breathing and the ability to vocally produce vibrations and articulated, melodic and rhythmic sounds;
- on the bases of the techniques on the frame drum: timbre, rhythm, posture, use of the hands;
- on percussive, vocal and movement polyrhythms;
- on choral sound-movement techniques.
The session will involve a heterogeneous group: students from the first and second years of Chorós training will work together with participants external to the school, even in their first performance experience, who will thus be supported.
This working methodology is the basis of communication and community creation mechanisms; the comparison between different skills, ages and training levels is one of the peculiarities of the Chorós pedagogical method: training in welcoming practices and the creation of inclusive spaces and contexts for discussion and mutual support are always combined with technical work modulated in courses of different levels: even those who have never (yet) danced, sung or played a drum can participate in the meeting.
Frame drums from the music school will be provided to those who do not have any.
Arci Tavola Tonda | Cantieri Culturali alla Zisa - 19-22
Introductory seminar
THREE WOMEN I SAW MOURNING. Musical and funerary practices in Mediterranean Sicily, by Barbara Crescimanno;
rhythmic circle, shared dinner.
Arci Tavola Tonda | Cantieri Culturali alla Zisa - 10.30 -13.30
Frame drum technique / dance techniques
Shared lunch
dance and vocal technique, choral practices
FRIDAY 21 June
Sacred waters tour - Palermo - 10.30 -13.30
Arci Tavola Tonda | Cantieri Culturali alla Zisa - 5-8.30pm
frame drum technique / dance techniques / vocal technique
choral practices
shared dinner
Tour of the percussionists - Palermo - 10.30 -13.30
Shared lunch
Afternoon (times to be defined)
Palermo Pride
SUNDAY 23 June
10.30am-7pm Solstice Rites, Palermo
€230 per participant.
The contribution includes the 5 days of workshops, entrance fees to the sites during guided tours, and shared meals (one per day).
Anyone who registers by March 31st (by paying an advance of €50) will pay a discounted cost of €180. The advance is refunded only if the seminar does not take place.
Possibility of accommodation in a hostel a few minutes from Tavola Tonda – Cantieri Culturali, or inside the Ballarò market (historic centre).
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Event Information

Event Date 19-06-2024 7:00 pm
Event End Date 23-06-2024 7:00 pm
Capacity Unlimited
Individual Price 230 euro