Arci Tavola Tonda - DANCE TUTORIAL

Dance Tutorial

This group of videos was created to continue to carry on our community dance experience, giving you the opportunity not to get lazy and fat on the comfortable sofas at home, and for us to feel a little more useful ...
Every home week that the 'good Covid' sends us to this earth we will publish new dance tutorial videos, differentiated by repertoire and complexity in order to adapt to the tastes and abilities of each and every one of you.
We called the group 'adopt a dance at a distance' because we need not only your enthusiastic participation, but also your financial support ...

You know that it will be difficult, for a few months, to restart the activities of the association of which all and all the parts are involved, and in any case the return to normality of social life B.C. (before Covid) will not be simple and immediate, even just emotionally. We try to keep human relationships and our community alive with the means at our disposal.

If you want to decide to enter with a view to taking into consideration the possibility of wanting to contribute to our survival as cultural operators (and therefore "not essential to the productive effort of the country"), our IBAN on Banca Etica is: IT62U0501804600000011455680.

This activity is part of a series of initiatives aimed at proposing cultural crowdfunding, of which we will shortly give you news on the Arci Tavola Tonda page.
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