Arci Tavola Tonda - TRAD DANCES


“Dance, dance, otherwise we are lost”
Pina Bausch

Get closer to the pleasure and joy of dance, through passages and rhythms full of life and different stories, colors and cultures. While dancing, we travel through the geography of countries and the history of societies, we travel to search for the roots of rhythm and relationship in the physical body and in movement, exercising the capacity to listen to oneself, of the other and of the group through the passage, the voice and ear, developing the proprioceptive abilities; rediscovering the potential of physical-emotional communication of dances and sounds of traditions that culturally sanctify the community as a place of sharing.
The courses (which run from October to June) will focus on: - training and preparatory techniques for the rhythmically coordinated movement; - dance as an instrument of expression and creativity; - personal and group movement and its adaptation to space; - rhythm, time, breath; - training for group consolidation, relationship skills and body communication skills; - dynamics and dance sequences.

Teachers: Barbara Crescimanno and Giuseppe Paradiso

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